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Capturing attention and building brand loyalty is imperative to building a successful brand, and it can’t be done without consistent, high-quality visuals. But for many, securing stunning brand photos often feels like a one-time luxury or something they don’t have time or the know-how to spearhead on their own. This is where a branding photography subscription is a great solution for steadily building that ever-important digital asset library for your company. As your business grows, collaborating regularly with a professional brand photographer to capture updated content enables you to concentrate on the areas of your company where you excel. Just as every business has its systems, this establishes a streamlined process for your visual marketing needs, saving you time and hassle.

What is a branding photography subscription exactly? It is a series of photography shoots strategically designed to capture the unique stories and aspects of your brand that will build connection and trust with your audience on a consistent basis. After each session, you receive a library of click-worthy content ready to be planned and posted, ultimately converting your followers into paying clients. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into my Branding Photography Subscriptions:

Zena Stevens, CEO and Founder of Put Your Cape Away

It’s hard to describe what it felt like working with Abby. The brand that I am creating is very personal. From the beginning Abby and her team embraced it with the same love and kindness that I have for it. My initial meeting with Abby was great and she was so excited about the brand. That really helped boost my confidence with what I am creating. My mom passed during the time that we worked together and Abby sent me the most beautiful arrangement with the sweetest note to let me know that she was thinking about it. It’s not just about the project, but how you make people feel. Abby and her team has that nailed down!


Here’s how it works:

Choose your Subscription

I offer my clients three subscription options where we work together on a Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, or Bi-Annual basis, for a minimum of one year. My partnership with each client goes far beyond a simple photoshoot, and involves by heading up the creative concept, art direction, producing, and photographing the brand stories. Depending on how often you plan to post usually dictates what option is best. In order to make the most out of this investment, I advise you to be realistic and honest with yourself as to how much time you dedicate to posting. 

We start by collaborating

We start with a Visual Brand Planning Meeting. I’ll want to learn where you are currently in your marketing efforts and where you are experiencing pitfalls. We’ll then delve into your brand goals, learn what aspects of your unique story will resonate with your audience. During this entire process, I will be contributing my creative brand expertise as to how I think we need to approach your first session.

Think of it as an agency-approach for smaller businesses

Like most creative agencies provide to their clients, I will devise a Creative Overview with details of the shoot concept and specifics on what will be captured, a shoot timeline complete with call times, outfit changes, and scene changes, and a list of wardrobe and prop details to prepare for shoot day. This approach keeps us within the framework of the concept and ensures we are completing the shots needed to go in your asset library. 

Mood boards become your roadmap

Along with your Creative Overview, we’ll develop inspirational mood boards that capture the essence of the shoot concept, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

Confidence through familiarity

As we work together over time, you’ll become increasingly comfortable in front of the camera – a key factor in capturing your brand’s essence authentically.

Jeff Faine, CEO and Founder of Enhanced Funding Solutions

Working with Abby and her team continues to be incredible. She captures the essence of out vision of what we look to incorporate with our marketing efforts and consistently knocks it out of the park!


In speaking with many business owners, one of the biggest pain points I hear is the daunting task of having good content to post. A branding photography subscription alleviates this problem, taking away the stress of the posting process. Clients have shared that they find themselves showing up more authentically when writing captions, excited and confident knowing their audience will be impressed with the visuals they see. They feel more connected with themselves and their brand and have a better roadmap when planning their marketing efforts. And for their Instagram feed, the once sporadic and disconnected mess of images is transformed into a scroll-worthy account.

Contact me today to learn more about my subscription options!

Contact me if you’re ready to embrace the transformative potential of a branding photography subscription to consistently captivate your audience, and watch as your brand thrives with a visually striking and authentic presence!

Abby Liga specializes in creating custom branded content for small businesses and national brands. Using her expertise helps drive profitable results, provides strategic creative direction, produces, and photographs shoots resulting in a library of high-quality brand imagery – all ready to fuel your marketing efforts.

Abby Liga also offers subscription-based partnerships, providing strategically planned photoshoots that create content for a minimum of one year.

Working with Abby not only saves you time and money, but her passion will empower your brand’s story, setting you apart from the competition. If you are looking to invest your marketing dollars to help grow your business while also taking stress out of creating the content, contact her to inquire about availability.

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