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/mämprəˈnər/   a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children.

There are many different types of mompreneurs out there and so many of them are trying to master the art of balancing “it all” (which really is not possible). However, what makes a mompreneur so unique is that each one of them shares a passion for turning something they truly believe in into a business where they can achieve a level of success that could potentially go beyond their wildest dreams. 

All mothers (working or not) in this world are sure to have felt a great deal of distress with emotions ranging from overwhelm, stress, or guilt, to anger, hopelessness, and delirium. These emotions can also sometimes be felt as an entrepreneur as your business is also “your baby”.  This Mother’s Day, I wanted to do a feature all about the Mompreneur, as this role in particular, resonates with yours truly. I know from experience it can be a never-ending uphill battle being a mompreneur, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Raising your kids as well as founding and building your own company is an accomplishment no one can discredit or take away from you and it’s something to be damn proud of if you ask me!

I’m excited to share some advice from myself as well as 2 amazing women whom I’ve had the privilege to work closely with on their brands and who I thought would be perfect to showcase as they’re all stellar mothers and entrepreneurs. 

What advice would you give women with younger children who are trying to manage motherhood and building their own business?




“Having patience is vital when trying to run both family and business. That might be the hardest part! Having patience with oneself, your kiddos, and where you are at vs. where you want to be in your business. Patience is one of the main ingredients for managing everything!.”

Abby Didomenico | Owner of Abby Liga Photography




“My advice to young moms is realize that you can’t do it all and still be the best version of yourself. Be able to give up a few things that seem important at the time and realize that is ok. Life will go on and your business will still thrive, and your children will be ok! “

Lise Davis | Owner of The Hunt Winter Park




“I would remind women of younger children, and older children alike, to let go of the unrealistic “work/life balance” adage.  Just like the ocean is never still, we will never have an equal balance of both work and life. Offer yourselves and your children grace and learn to ride the proverbial waves! Both you and your children will be better for transparency and vulnerability. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Lisa Lyons | Owner of Lisa Lyons Events & Etiquette




“The most important advice I ever received about raising young children while building a career and business came from my own mom. She said, “When you are home with your children, BE at home with you children. Be present, setting all other cares and concerns aside. Listen to them and indulge yourself in the beauty of their innocence and curiosities. Play and be in wonderment as you watch them learn new things. And most importantly cherish every moment with them so that you can easily recall it in the future as if it just happened…because one day that is what will lift you up when you don’t feel at your best. The memories of play, joy, and learning together.” And…she was 100% right! I followed her advice and now that my daughter is 27, I can recall every moment I spent with her and I absolutely cherish every memory. The bottom line is this: The work of building your business will always be there…but your children will not be.“

Angela Cusack | Founder of Igniting Success

Whether you are a momprenuer just starting out or someone who has been running your business for a while now, I want to commend you for following your passion of turning something you truly believe in into a business while also being a wonderful mama to those beautiful babies of yours! I know it’s not easy, but know that you are doing great, and you are not alone on this journey! Us momprenuers have to stick together!

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