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It has been just over a year since I met the wonderful women of such an innovative company, Bond and Grace, and today, I am delighted to share some exciting news with you all!

They have officially launched their website!



Bond & Grace is a women-owned publishing house and art shop that was born from their search for a coffee-table book that shared with others a peek into their character, imagination, and love of literature. Jacqueline, Ayana, and Savannah realized that we all need books to represent the growth that comes with time. We may have fond memories with old literature, but some of their narratives also harm us and people we know and love. So, these ladies decided to build a brand that will evolve and expand the way we experience literature through a forward-looking lens. 

Bond and Grace have introduced the Art Novel. The design for the Art Novel includes an impression of a novel’s original text, a dozen independent artists on the rise, and 3 academic experts who teach us how to bridge the past with the future. Their wish is to connect with book lovers who can appreciate creative expressions that can push boundaries and start new conversations to help us grow in the future. 

A little bit about these lovely ladies…



Jacqueline is the Chief Literary Officer of Bond & Grace and the visionary behind the business. She has been a book lover for some time, and coincidentally enough she was at a very special library when the idea for Bond & Grace came to her at the beginning of 2021.

Ayana is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Bond and Grace who has a specialty of helping creators launch unique product businesses. So, it was no surprise she was first on Jacqulene’s list to call!

Savannah is the Co-founder and Brand Director of Bond & Grace. With a background in global marketing, and a lifetime of experience as sister to Jacqueline, it was a must to have her aboard the founding team!



These ladies came to me in need of imagery for their website and eventually first product launch for Bond & Grace. I took the time to understand their goals, their brand, their audience, and the stories they wanted to be able to tell through their online presence. It was an absolute blast working with these ladies and I truly encourage you to head over to their website and Instagram and follow along their journey, you are truly in for a treat!







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