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As a Personal Branding Photographer, I get the opportunity to work on the “fun stuff” with many different entrepreneurs by finding creative ways to grow their brand and social media following with custom, high-quality imagery. To do this, we start by strategizing what stories they want to share with their audience and then I capture the imagery in a way that allows them to tell these stories visually on their Instagram and websites.

I was honored when Laura Fletcher, CEO of Selah Fertility, hired me to capture all of the imagery for the Selah Fertility brand launch! Her story to becoming a certified doula is inspiring, educating, and opens the door for so many other women in the world who may also have an experience similar to hers.



Laura is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, but also is the mother of 4 beautiful angels. With the loss of these sweet babies came an unbearable grief filled with loneliness, anger, and loss of faith in herself and in the medical system.



In 2018, Laura decided to take a stand. She shifted from a victim mentality to a mentality of self-advocacy and action. She started asking questions, lots of them and started pushing for answers, real ones. She stopped accepting answers or statistics from outdated and badly managed studies. She stopped believing the rhetoric that recurrent miscarriage could be “unexplained.” In short, she stood up for herself. Her transformation with staying on this path took her 8 months.



When Laura started speaking out about her experience she realized that she was far from alone. Almost every woman she knew had faced fertility challenges, pregnancy complications, or miscarriage. So she decided to become part of the solution and became a certified Doula through Dona International.




I followed up with Laura to acquire feedback on her experience working with me as well as how having these images have helped her business. Enjoy her responses below!



Q: Tell me about yourself, your personal brand, & your business.:

A:  I’m Laura Fletcher and I am a fighter and survivor. I gave birth to my first daughter in 2012 and my second in 2021 after surviving four earth shattering, back-to-back miscarriages. When I started speaking out about my experience I realized, both to my elation and dismay, that I am far from alone. Almost every woman I know has faced fertility challenges, pregnancy complications, or miscarriage. The world, as a whole, needs a massive shift in how we approach fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. In 2020, I decided to become part of the solution and became a certified Doula through Dona International. In 2021, I founded Selah Fertility to address a deeply personal and deeply problematic occurrence in women’s care: the commonality of “unexplained” miscarriage and infertility. Through Selah, I intend to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of equipping individuals with the tools they need to optimize their health and, as an extension, their fertility.

Q: How were you finding images for your business before now? How did that process make you feel?: 

A: We started strong and launched with images by Abby!

Q: Why did you want to have professional images? What kept you from doing it before?:

A: I wanted my content to reflect my position towards my business which I take very seriously. If the brand looks sloppy, it’s not a huge jump for a client to assume you’re services are sloppy.

Q: How did you find me?: 

A: My fabulous branding and marketing Queen of all things, Katie, recommended you. You have worked together in the past and she loves your approach, professionalism, and style.

Q: What made you decide to hire me specifically?: 

A: I trust Katie implicitly. Everything she touches is flawless so when she recommended you, I checked out your website and social media. Stylistically, our brands are very aligned so I knew you’d understand the look I was going for.

Q: What was the experience of working with me like?: 

A: The shoot was surreal! We had so many models (including infants and children), wardrobe, hair, makeup, assistants, and production. We were shooting all day and you handled the entire shoot professionally and graciously. Not to mention, you’re a BOSS! I love seeing a woman that knows what she’s doing do her thing!! You’re inspirational.

Q: How does having professional images make you feel?: 

A: In a word: confident.

Q: How has having these images made it easier to grow your personal brand and/or your business?:

A: Absolutely. The images allowed Selah Fertility’s website and social media to feel personal. As we ramp up to the release of my book, the images of my family and I will be invaluable.

Q: What would things look like if you hadn’t hired a photographer?: 

A: I don’t think they would look like anything because I’d feel completely frozen!

Q: How do you expect your personal brand and/or business to grow because of these images?: 

A: I anticipate that potential clients (and people in general) will be better able to connect and relate to me. Without connection, a service based business will always struggle. It’s all about fostering relationships in order to support others.

Q: Can you provide quantifiable data on how these images have helped your business grow since using them on a consistent basis?: 

A: Not yet – we just launched on social! @selahfertility


“Abby captured images that are timeless, poignant, and stunning. I look forward to our next shoot!”

– Laura Fletcher

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