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Owner, Ashley Hall, of Equestrienne Décor

Owner, Ashley Hall, of Equestrienne Décor

One of the perks of being a branding photographer is getting the opportunity to work with many different types of entrepreneurs. I get to work on the “fun stuff” with them and that is through finding creative ways to grow their brand and social media following with custom, high-quality imagery. We do this by strategizing what stories they want to share with their audience and I photograph it in a way that allows them to tell these stories visually on their Instagram and websites.

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with the wonderful business owner of Equestrienne Decor, Ashley Hall to discuss the needs of Personal Brand Imagery for her business. After providing Ashley with her images and letting some time pass for her to utilize them in her marketing, I followed up with her to acquire feedback on her experience working with me as well as how these images have helped her business. Enjoy her responses below!



Q: What was the experience of working with me like?:

A: Fun and inspiring

Q: How does having professional images make you feel?:

A: I feel like my brand has more value and it feels more established.

Q: How has having these images made it easier to grow your personal brand and/or your business?:

A: Oh, in so many ways. I have wonderful content for Social Media and all of the imagery helps tell my story.

Q: What would things look like if you hadn’t hired a photographer?:

A: Less personalized content and it wouldn’t look nearly as professional.

Q: How do you expect your personal brand and/or business to grow because of these images?:

A: Builds trust with consumers

Q: How have these images helped your business grow since using them on a consistent basis??:

A: My sales and IG followers nearly doubled from year one to year two. I know the gorgeous, clean product images that Abby took played a huge part in this.


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