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Louiza Tarrasova of Lou Law

Louiza Tarrasova of Lou Law


Entrepreneurs: Is this you?

•Are you struggling to find the right images to post that aligns with your brand? 

•Are you wasting precious hours every week trying to figure out what to post? 

•Do you feel an overall lack of direction in your social media marketing efforts?

These are some of the common pain points I hear from business owners when I first meet with them. I’ve learned these challenges are more common than you think and it spans across ALL brands. 

What if I were to tell you…

•That you could have professional, storytelling imagery tailored specifically to your brand?

•That you could have full access anytime for you to consistently plan and post ALL with purpose? 

•That you could have a year’s worth of custom content in just 4 days?

•That you could have a custom social media editorial calendar tailored specifically for your business that showcased exactly what you should post, when you should post it, and how to post it to maximize engagement? 



What would this alleviate and allow you to focus on? 

  • Another area in your business? 

  • Spending more time with your family? 

I have the solution:




Hi, I’m Abby, it’s nice to meet you!

All of these problems listed above can be solved with my exclusive Personal Branding Photography Subscriptions. You will receive the opportunity to work with me to intimately understand your brand. Not only as your photographer, but as your personal visual marketing strategist, art director, creative stylist, and business coach. I take years of my storytelling expertise and visual marketing to help businesses understand the message behind their brand, deliver imagery that keeps it on-point, provide the social media tools to allow you to post with purpose, and data to back it up. Only 10 of these subscriptions are accepted each year. 

In order to provide an exceptional client experience, these subscriptions are limited to a handful of businesses whose values align with using high-quality imagery to tell the story of their brand. This investment will allow you to refocus your social media marketing efforts with clear direction and purpose, saving you money and most of all — time. 

If you are ready to level up your marketing by showcasing the person behind the business, be sure to get on the waitlist now!

Want to schedule a 30 Minute call with me to chat about your Personal Branding Photography needs? Click the link below and let’s chat!

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My photography journey began at age 14. Since then, I’ve perfected my craft through decades of experience around the world. My entrepreneurial spirit thrives through supporting other brands and businesses and supporting their dreams through tenacious ideas.

a Central Florida native and creative problem solver with a passion for all things photography.

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