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Natural light in your home can easily create a beautiful studio setting perfect for capturing still-life photos! Take a walk around your home at different times of the day and notate where the light is the strongest. Also, during this time, notate areas in your home that can pose as a nice background where this light hits. i.e. walls, tables, chairs, floors, etc.




3 Ways to Use Natural Light for Still Life Photos at Home

1. Diffused Lighting




My front door is a great example of this. It has a large frosted window that stops just below the door handle which creates really beautiful diffused light. The diffused natural in-direct light pouring inside my entryway makes for a great area to set up, style, and shoot a still life shoot!




2. Direct Lighting




My back patio faces west and I can get a nice amount of direct light in my dining table area near the patio doors. Even if it’s cloudy out, I can just place my camera on a tripod to capture the low direct light.




3. Direct/Overhead Lighting




Often times I use my sliding glass door and the wood floor leading up to it to photograph my flat lays. This light is paired with a reflector or white card to create a nicely balanced image.




Once you have located the perfectly lit areas in your home, simply setup, style and shoot!

I would love to see if you use these tips for some of your own images, so be sure to comment below or tag me on Instagram!


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