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When it comes to a Personal Branding Shoot, you want to ensure you are getting the most out of it to capture the exact content you need. As your photographer, I want to make sure we plan ahead to guarantee you are happy with all of the imagery, AND that you come away from your session with the exact content you need to help you grow your business!

3 Ways to Guarantee you Capture Exactly What you Need From Your Personal Branding Shoot

  1. Capture a few various headshots with different outfits to use interchangeably throughout the year.

  2. Give a peek into your business world with some behind-the-scenes shots of you and your team hard at work.

  3. Capture evergreen images of your services so you can creatively apply relative captions to them throughout the year.



I like to think of it with the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Who needs to be included in the shoot? Is it just you, or should you include your team or clients you work with to help show your services?

What props or products need to be included in the shoot? Say you are launching new products. You will want to ensure you have all products ready for the shoot along with any props that may be needed to help compliment the products. If you are a service provider, ensure that you have all props selected ahead of time so that they can be used interchangeably throughout the shoot.

When do you need the images, and what is the best time of the day to shoot? (keep in mind upcoming seasons and weather forecasts).

Where do you feel most comfortable and inspired when it comes to working or relaxing? With a personal branding shoot, I want to capture you where you feel most comfortable and like yourself. Is that in a local cafe, a park, a trendy Airbnb, or in your own home?

Why do you need these new images? Are you creating or updating your website? Have you run out of quality images for social media content? Are your digital marketing materials outdated? Pinpoint your main focus for the images so we can plan ahead to ensure we capture the best type of images for your specific needs.



These images were captured of the lovely Lisa Lyons, Owner of Lisa Lyons Events & Etiquette. Lisa wanted some images to showcase her new Etiquette programs and services. We started with headshots of her and her assistant and also some footage of them working together behind the scenes. We then moved to showcase her beautiful table settings and then evergreen content including her etiquette services so she could apply the appropriate captions to the images as she sees fit.

A personal branding photoshoot is all about telling your story and relating it to your audience. I hope these 3 tips help give you some clarity as to what you can do & expect when hiring a professional photographer to capture images of you for your business!

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