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Today, I’ve rounded up 6 fun and easy styling tips that I have found to be valuable when styling your home! Between my years of shooting interiors and overall obsession with interior design, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way when it comes to styling. Most of these tips will not require any trips to the store and will allow you to incorporate home decor items you most likely have on hand. However, I am all for a quick trip to Home Goods for that perfect new frame or coffee table book you have been wanting, plus some extras (because who can go to Home Goods and get only what they are looking for?) I hope these home decor styling tips help you to give your space the refresh you have been wanting, enjoy!





  1. Remove the jackets from your coffee table books

    Do you have a collection of coffee table books that you’d like to decorate with, but all have a different look and feel? Take a peek underneath the jacket and you’ll find a much more classic hardback waiting to be showcased. This works for all types of books with jackets. Large or small. Keep it monochromatic and style your shelf or table with books around the same hue. If you have a lot of books, organize them by the color of the rainbow and you’ll find a really cool gradient-like effect. Check out this book company that does just that!



2. Design a beautiful vignette using everyday kitchen essentials

Kitchen cabinets are great places to explore items to use for kitchen decor! Have a cake stand from your wedding registry? Display it with pretty linen and saucers on top! Or take that marble cutting board and pair it with a wooden one against your backsplash. And I always love a collection of favorite cookbooks leaning against a pretty bowl of fresh fruit!



3. Incorporate Greenery

Greenery is a must in any home. Not only does it give a natural element to a space, but it can also freshen it up. Taller plants can anchor a large room and tall branches or florals in an oversized vase and make an impact in a smaller room.



4. Layer with throws

A good throw can add that perfect finishing touch to a space. Draped across a chaise or behind a couch, stack them in a decorative basket on the floor, layer across your fabric coffee table with a tray on top. The possibilities are endless!



5. Use textures & fabrics to create dimension

Layering textures and fabrics will help give your space dimension. The best rooms have a balance of both. If you like the more cozy look, try pairing natural elements like a decorative seagrass tray on a side table to compliment the throw pillows it sits next to. Or if you like a more clean, sleeker look pair metals, lucite, and glass.



6. Using picture frame placement to make a statement

Decorating with table top frames can go beyond displaying on the shelf. I love when I see a small family photo framed sitting on the window sill in front of the kitchen sink or perched atop china in a well styled china cabinet. These unexpectedly placed frames tell the story of your family and add a true personal touch to the style of your home.



I hope you enjoyed these home décor styling tips and are able to put one or all of them to use to refresh your space!

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A special thank you to the interior designers featured and for always furthering my enthusiasm for styling and photographing spaces! xo

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