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One of the best parts about being a Florida-based interior photographer is getting the opportunity to surround myself in beautifully designed spaces and to meet the masterminds who created them! As an interior design enthusiast myself, I am constantly inspired creatively when capturing the beauty of each of these projects. When I met Lauren Ayers and Lise Davis, the talented designers (and sisters) of Ayers Davis Interiors in Winter Park, I instantly saw their passion and appreciation for their craft. They recently contacted me to photograph some of their latest projects located throughout the Winter Park, College Park, and Maitland areas.

The scope of this project entailed many homes that needed to be captured, about 7 to be exact. So we mapped out which homes were closest to each other and went from there. In listening to what their shot list needs were, I estimated the shoot take a good 3 to 4 days with about 3 to 4 houses per day. We took about 2-4 main shots per house on a tripod and tethered to my laptop. I then captured a good amount of vignette (detail) shots which showcased the more up close and personal features and finishes of their designs. These vignette shots also help support the main shots when telling the story behind the design approach. One of the joys of shooting for Lise and Lauren is how easy it was to work together! They know what they want a space to look like all while allowing me to capture it the way I think it might look best. It feels more like a creative collaboration which is always fun when great minds get together!

Given my passion for interior photography and enthusiasm for interior design, I always find it interesting to hear about the ideas that went into designing a space. I mean, I could sit down, eat popcorn, and listen to it all day! So I sat down with the talented ladies of Ayers Davis and asked them all about why they love what they do. I’d love to share my recent interview with Ayer’s Davis designer Lise Davis to hear her take on these projects. Oh, don’t forget your popcorn, enjoy!





My Interview with Ayers Davis Interiors

Q: How long has your company been in business?:

A: Ayers Davis has been in business for 15 years

Q: Tell me a little bit about the projects we most recently worked on:

A: We were so excited to have Abby photograph some of our past design projects. We were due for a refresh!

Q: What was your greatest challenge with these projects?:

A: We are super lucky to have awesome clients and we don’t have a lot of challenges. They tend to really trust us to deliver the vision for their homes so that is always great.



Q: What excited you most about them?:

A: We love creating a specialized look for each client we work with and determining the look, colors, style for each project!

Q: When designing a room what is the most important factor for you?:

A: We like to capture each client’s personality and desired end result. We want to make sure they come home and are so excited to live in the space!

Q: How do you approach a commercial project versus a residential project?:

A: We tend to look for furniture and pieces with major durability for a commercial project. We want the space to flow for the employees and to have it be very functional.




Q: What’s your earliest memory of being impacted by design?:

A: Our mom was a designer for 30 years here in winter park and we saw it first hand growing up. We spent many hours at the antique mall with her after school!

Q: How would you describe your personal aesthetic? :

A: Lise’s aesthetic is classic and natural and has a love for rattan pieces. Lauren is drawn to a coastal Charleston look with a mix of eclectic pieces.

Q: What are your favorite home design tips? :

A: Buy great lighting, make sure your rugs are big enough, splurge on custom pillows and add greenery!



Q: What are you currently reading/listening to?:

A: We love Paloma Contrera’s podcast called The Style Files and also have been listening to the podcast What We Wore by Laura Vinroot, the owner of Capitol in Charlotte.

Q: Each of you comes with particular talents and skillsets. Describe what it is that your partner brings to the practice:

A: Although we do all of the creative together Lauren keeps the business running. She handles all the behind-the-scenes accounting and ordering. Lise manages the schedule and heads up correspondence with clients. Our business strengths are a nice compliment to each other.



Be sure to head over to Ayers Davis Interiors Instagram for more beautiful home decor inspiration!

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