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What an honor. I am so thrilled to say that I have been featured in the July issue of Orange Appeal Magazine’s Women of Influence Series! To say this is an honor feels like an understatement.

“This series of special promotions, highlighting outstanding women of Central Florida, focuses on women who are accomplished and dedicated to their careers and community.”

– Orange Appeal Magazine



For those of you who know me, I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing photography ever since I was 15. I’m not sure if I chose this passion or if the passion chose me, but somehow we found each other, and at a very young age.

From the get-go, I had a laser focus on what I wanted to do and from there I built my craft by attending art school at The Savannah College of Art and Design, then interning at Art + Commerce in New York, to starting my own photography company in 2005. Throughout the years of constantly working on my craft, learning how to run a business, and evolving as an artist, I feel I’ve finally found my true niche in this industry, and that is branding photography.

In 2017, after having my son Rocco, and after shooting weddings for 13 years, I turned to my husband one day with tears in my eyes saying, “I don’t want to shoot weddings anymore. I feel my work is taking me elsewhere creatively, and I really want to explore that.” So, that was my turning point into transitioning out of weddings and into a broader form of lifestyle photography that included other passions of mine such as interiors, food, travel, families, and editorial.



As I began collaborating creatively with my fellow wedding vendors to capture their branding content, I started having other businesses contact me about shooting their content. In addition to this, I was also working with ad agencies and shooting for their bigger clientele. Being exposed to their traditional processes of creating visual content for these companies, made me realize that I could be doing the same for smaller companies and entrepreneurs who aren’t necessarily hiring big-budget agencies. Once I realized what I wanted to do, I learned of an online course that really helped me structure what it was that I wanted to offer and helpful tips on how to go about pricing it out.

And then it all began, the new niche of Personal Brand Photography. I now work with brands to help them become more profitable with the use of engaging imagery that tells their story to their target audience, ultimately converting them into clients. I collaborate closely with the business owner or their marketing team, and learn about their visual branding goals and help develop creative ideas that showcase the human side behind the brand with the use of storytelling imagery. This has really taken off since Covid hit. Businesses saw a need to revamp their social media and web pages to keep up with all other online businesses, and others saw the shutdown as an opportunity to start their passion project and were in need of imagery to help them build content.



Over the past 5 years, I have worked closely with many local businesses, helping re-create the look and feel of their brand with her quality imagery. From doctors and dentists to interior designers and creatives, all of the photos taken are tailored to their brand messaging.

“I am loving this new niche of photography as it allows me to combine my love of storytelling with my entrepreneurial passion to help businesses grow.”

In addition to my branding work, I also photograph a variety of lifestyle imagery for various creative agencies, interior designers, and of course my loyal families who I’ve seen grow over almost two decades of shooting professionally. My work has been featured nationally and internationally, in such respected publications as The Wall Street Journal, Nikon USA, Rangefinder Magazine, and Professional Photographer Magazine.

“If someone were to ask me how I sum up my photography, I always say whether it be a child or business executive, to a plate of food or a quiet space, with everything I photograph, I try to bring out the life and joy within my subject.”

Outside the world of photography, you’ll find me enjoying time with my husband Danny, our three boys, and sweet baby girl we introduced last May. I’m always wanting to keep creative with other outlets such as cooking and decorating our new home in Winter Park, (all of course when there’s time.) As a true dreamer with an entrepreneurial spirit, I try to provide a balance of valuable insights for enjoying a successful career in photography, while living the life of an artist.



I am honored and blessed to be featured as a Woman of Influence in Central Florida and absolutely love living out my dream daily and being able to help others in business live theirs!

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My photography journey began at age 14. Since then, I’ve perfected my craft through decades of experience around the world. My entrepreneurial spirit thrives through supporting other brands and businesses and supporting their dreams through tenacious ideas.

a Central Florida native and creative problem solver with a passion for all things photography.

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