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I recently worked with the lovely Ashley Hall, owner, and maker of the Equestrienne-themed candles, tins, & wax melts at Grey Horse Candle Co.

Ashley has had a deep love and appreciation for Equestrian life for as long as she can remember. She grew up on a horse farm in Maryland. Grey Horse Candle Co. represents the passion she has for horses and the Equestrian lifestyle. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches from exclusive ingredients and made with love and passion for a lifestyle shared with horses. You should see her process!

In listening to Ashley’s needs for this brand shoot, I learned that she is launching a new line of candles and she wanted updated imagery of her new products for the launch.

Not only do these candles smell divine, each each candle has it’s own story behind it! Learning these stories allowed us to arrange and set up the perfect setting to assure we were telling each candle’s individual story. Without further ado, I’m pleased to introduce her new line below!




Rodeo grounds are a sacred mix of thrill, grit, and partnership with your horse. After a long day of racing the clock and dusting off your soft felt hat, unwind with a warm blend of spices and sweet honey. This scent will remind you of the energy coursing through the cheering crowds as cowgirls turn and burn, and the sheer exhilaration of the Rodeo as horse and rider give it their all!




This candle is inspired by the endearing atmosphere of the Hunter Ring, steeped in class and tradition. There is nothing quite like a horse groomed to a perfect shimmer, mane tight in a row of neat braids, effortlessly showing off on the flat and sailing over jumps while carrying the young and the young at heart. Whether you frequent the show ring at Devon or are content schooling in your own backyard, you’ll be sure to lavish the crisp, earthy florals including gardenia, jasmine, and soft tuberose.




Whether you have a love or hate relationship with the sandbox, you will not be disappointed by this captivating and sophisticated scent. its deeply intoxicating blend of blackberry, amber, and cedarwood evokes a carefully choreographed dance of the scents and sound of the arena. rich leather, impeccably groomed steeds, and exquisite taste float through the air reminding you of that perfectly executed piaffe. Your senses will be awarding this aroma top marks in relaxation and comfort…






Warm spicy notes and subtle hints of citrus and invigorating pine will transport your senses straight to the Hunt Field on a misty Autumn morning. You’ll practically be able to hear the hounds baying and the horses pawing the earth in anticipation of the Hunt, jumping boldly over bushes and brambles while giving chase. This is the perfect scent to cozy up with in the Fall after a rousing run with the hounds!

This shoot took place at Ashley’s friend’s farm in Winter Springs, Florida with the most kind and gentle models you could ask for, Cowboy & Nicky. We also enjoyed loving on some rescue chickens during the shoot adding to the country rustic vibe for the setting! Be sure to check out some highlights from our shoot and be sure to give Grey Horse Candle Co.a follow on Instagram to see when Ashley launches her new line!


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