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Hello to all in the virtual world! I’ve been busy working on some amazing branding shoots this Spring and with each shoot brings a new idea for locations. Often times I’m asked by my clients, “Where is a good place to shoot my branding photos?” My answer many times is, “Your home!” Let’s just say, I’m pretty sure most of us entrepreneurs did some type of “Home office re-vamp” in 2020. The work-from-home movement has exploded and the home has become the official office of many. Why not showcase it in your branding photos? Below is a few ideas of how to use your home as the backdrop in your branding photos. In this article, I’m featuring the talented Cate of C’ate La Vie Designs. We used her home as the backdrop for her branding shoot, and I thought it to be a perfect example of how great shooting in your home could be!

Needlepoint extraordinaire Cate Brinker of C’ate La Vie Designs

Needlepoint extraordinaire Cate Brinker of C’ate La Vie Designs


First off, why do I need to be in my branding photos anyway?

As entrepreneurs, we often struggle with the idea of including photos of ourselves in our social media as we may not love the idea of feeling so vulnerable to the world. However, if we’re trying to build a successful brand, we need to get over this part, and fast! Showing up in your branding photos, where appropriate, is essential in your marketing efforts as it connects you with your potential clients on a deeper level.

People are loyal to people. Entrepreneurs trying to sell to clients must create a feeling of trust and loyalty.

If you want to build a solid brand, you need to show up and branding photos are key. When it comes to a branding photoshoot, it is all about getting creative on how to give your audience a glimpse into your life so they can then relate to you and your brand. You want to show commonalities between you and your clients.

What better way to show your audience who you are than in your natural element….at home!



What areas in your home are good options to shoot in?

The biggest question to ask yourself is what simple daily tasks do you want to showcase that will directly relate you with your audience? Start from, when you wake up, what is the first thing you do? Do you have water or is it straight to coffee? Do you go for a run at a local park or workout at home? What does your home office look like? What’s your favorite space in your home and why? If any of the questions you ask can conjure up commonality ideas for your audience to relate to, then shoot it!

Break down different aspects of your day and plan your shoot accordingly.

Grab your coffee in the kitchen

Start your workday in your home office

Wind down with a drink on the couch

Take the dog for a walk at a nearby park

Play with your kids when they get home in the backyard


C’ate’s home office is a creatives dream come true!

C’ate’s home office is a creatives dream come true!

How to Style each space in your home to work with your brand.

For many of us, our first thought is, “But my home isn’t conducive to showcase to the whole world!” My first tip: Don’t think of the whole house needing to be overhauled. Think of specific spaces that you want to use in your branding shoot and then clean and style from there. Keep it Simple!

Tidy, don’t spring clean: Tidy each area you’ll be shooting in a day prior to the shoot. Even if you shove paperwork in drawers for the sake of just putting it somewhere, then do it. No need to do major spring cleaning here!

Less is More: De-clutter almost everything down to the bare essentials. Kitchens, hide the olive oils and stacks of bowls in the cabinets. Clear almost everything off your counters.

Color palette is key: Think of the color palette you’d like to stick to and style accordingly. For Cate, she used her color palette of gold, pale blue, white, and hints of pink. She pre-planned her wardrobe to match these colors. Next, she purchased some fresh floral, produce, linens, and ribbon material that all coalesced with her brand. Anything that you could use prop-wise, consider it’s color and if it would be a good fit in the photos. And I’m always game for a styled bar cart (if the shoe fits!) 😉

Natural light and time of day: Let as much natural light into your home as possible. If you need to draw the blinds, do it. Schedule your shoot when your home has the best light.



Bottom Line: The key to building a strong brand with imagery is by telling YOUR brand stories.

Show your audience a behind-the-scenes look at who you are so they can relate, trust, and eventually buy from you. I hope this helps you think creatively about showcasing your brand to your audience by simply being YOU!


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