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Photo from Personal Brand Photoshoot with Lisa Lyons of Lisa Lyons Event & Etiquette

Photo from Personal Brand Photoshoot with Lisa Lyons of Lisa Lyons Event & Etiquette


When it comes to creating a personal branding photoshoot, planning and preparing are vital. Building a photoshoot timeline is a fundamental part of the process to ensure the day stays on schedule and every important element of the session is captured for the client. Once the actual shoot begins, it can be easy to get lost in the creative aspect, so sticking to the timeline is essential to ensuring the client receives every piece of content they are hoping for.

Our main goal is to exceed the client’s expectations above and beyond, so there are a few things you will want to consider to avoid unforeseen pitfalls when planning out the shoot.

1. Set client expectations

Often times during our Visual Brand Planning Session, the client comes in with so many ideas that they outpour onto the table and we end up with a long list of shot ideas. It’s our job as the photographer, to set the expectation for the client to understand how many story ideas you can successfully accomplish with the time given for the shoot.

2. Plan ahead

Take advantage of the weeks and days leading up to the shoot and plan as much as you can ahead of time so the shoot will run smoothly the day of. Things to plan ahead:

For you: Client timeline approval, secure photography assistant and provide them with the timeline for them to study, place any equipment rental orders, test out all lighting, prep your gear, schedule your drive in Waze, gas up your car, & load your equipment the evening prior to the shoot.

For client: Provide them with any homework they need- gather location permits, obtain model releases, select and layout wardrobes for each scenario, categorize any props into bins or bags, and load up the evening prior to the shoot.

3. Allow time to solve lighting challenges

While you think the shoot scenario couldn’t possibly take more than 30 minutes, there’s always that one shot that gives you problems lighting-wise. Be prepared to build in time for these instances!

4. Weather, Lighting, and Logistics

I take these 3 factors into consideration when planning out my timelines. If I have several locations to shoot in a day, I’m first going to look at the weather to forecast when any outdoor locations need to be shot before it rains. If the weather looks good, then I move onto how the lighting will be during that time of day and when it is ideal (I then plan my lighting equipment list accordingly). Lastly, if the weather and lighting won’t be an issue, I plan the timeline off of location logistics and what’s most practical from point A to point B.

And there you have it, my top 4 components to consider when planning out your brand photoshoot timeline for your clients. I hope these tips from my experiences help the next time you need to plan a branding shoot timeline!




The beautiful gallery is from a recent Personal Brand Photoshoot with Lisa Lyons. One thing Lisa and I have always done well together is to collaborate on styled shoots where we could showcase the best of our work together. I’m am happy to be her official brand photographer working together on a quarterly basis!

Lisa is a renowned wedding and event designer, and owner of Lisa Lyons Events & Etiquette based in Winter Park, Florida. She has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Style me Pretty, Every Last Detail, and more! Be sure to check out her IG and give her a follow to keep up with all of her latest modern etiquette, stylish entertaining, and behind-the-scenes happenings!




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