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Over the years, the approach to Personal Branding Photography has evolved, especially with the demand of custom imagery for marketing on social media. Consumers want to know more about who they’re buying from, the person behind the brand, and their story. They want to relate, engage, and grow to trust you before they buy. And I promise you, NO generic stock image is going to do that.

That is where Personal Brand Photography comes in. Personal Brand Photography (or PBP for short), is a photography niche designed exclusively for entrepreneurs and for people who are the faces behind their brand. PBP offers a personalized approach to branding photography that tells the story of you as individual and your brand, connecting you with your audience. A good personal brand photographer will take the time to understand your brand and your audience. It’s far more than just a beautiful headshot.


Images by: Abigail Nilsson


So, what all goes into creating a Personal Branding Shoot for my clients? It’s not just a “show up and shoot” kind of session, it takes a lot of planning and strategizing.

Let’s dig into the process!

First, I LEARN:

When I capture branding images for my clients, it’s all about telling their story and the message they want to convey to their audience. I do this by starting with a discovery questionnaire where I learn all about their business, company goals, brand identity, and what areas of their social media presence they’re wanting to improve. I also examine Instagram insights to use as a benchmark for future tracking.



Schedule a Strategic Visual Planning Consultation

Scheduling the Visual Planning Meeting is where we pinpoint the scenarios the client wants to tell. I start to brainstorm how we could tell this story through imagery. This is also where the creative excitement starts! Once the meeting is completed, we send over a Creative Overview to the client for approval. The Creative Overview includes a photoshoot timeline & mood board full of inspiration for the shoot.



Photo Shoot Day

We will use the creative overview to properly prepare for our shoot as well as keep us aligned on shoot day to make sure we’re capturing all of the shots we planned and strategized on. We’ll spend up to a full day on location where I will produce, direct, and capture their brand story. This will include input on outfit changes, which props to use, and providing great direction to keep them relaxed and confident throughout the shoot.



Image Selection

Once the shoot is complete and edited, we will send over a gallery for the client to proof and select their favorites. After they’ve submitted their favorites back to me, I then apply any needed tweaks and send over the images in high resolution and web-sized formats. The client receives a library full of high-quality imagery that aligns PERFECTLY with their brand for them to start using right away!



Captivate + Convert

The client will then pair the imagery with engaging captions to capture the attention of their audience and build a connection. Their audience will come to KNOW them as they consistently show up. The result is a strong, visually cohesive feed, engaging their audience by getting personal about who they are, what they do, how they do it, and why. All of this done consistently and authentically, will convert their followers into paying clients. 


Attorney and branding client Louiza of Winter Park


Rinse + Repeat

Staying consistent with the style of content is really imperative to keep their brand’s online presence relevant. Whether I’m working with clients on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual basis, we conduct our next Visual Branding Meeting to plan out the new stories they want to tell.

I hope if you have been thinking about booking a personal branding photoshoot session with me, this little insight into my process helped!

About Abby



Abby Liga works with companies on a bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis for a minimum of 1 year, where she examines your current social media insights, provides strategic creative direction, produces, and photographs shoots. What you receive after each shoot is a library of high quality, storytelling imagery of your brand ready to plan and post with ease and confidence for all of your social media marketing needs. Investing in Abby’s expertise will save your company money, help to become more profitable, provide clear direction in your social media marketing efforts, and save you time to focus on other areas of their company. 

The experience you receive when working with Abby and her team will make you feel you’re in the best hands possible. Her level of professionalism, creativity both strategically and behind the camera, her understanding of learning about her client’s brands, and passion for helping brands tell their story to become more profitable is what sets Abby apart from the rest. Abby’s Personal Branding Photography has quickly become recognized on a national level as one of the experts in this niche by Professional Photographer Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, Think Tank Photo Gear, and Orange Appeal Magazine. 

If you are looking to invest your marketing dollars to help grow your business while also taking stress out of creating the bulk of content you feel needed for the year, contact me now! Spots are limited for the year, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

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