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The beautiful and successful Lisa Lyons of Lisa Lyons Events & Etiquette


As a Personal Branding Photographer,I am blessed to be able to work on the “fun stuff” with many different entrepreneurs by finding creative ways to grow their brand and social media following with custom, high-quality imagery. We do this by strategizing what stories they want to share with their audience and I photograph it in a way that allows them to tell these stories visually on their Instagram and websites. For some small business owners, investing in my quarterly sessions is the best way to go. With my quarterly branding sessions, entrepreneurs can stay atop all of their relevant industry and seasonal topics and are able to post relevant content for each time of the year with just 4 days of shooting content.

Take for instance my client and dear friend Lisa Lyons of Lisa Lyons Events & Etiquette. Lisa is a Wedding Planner & Etiquette advisor. She has specialized in very detailed, styled, and sophisticated weddings for 18 years, and recently became certified in social, children’s, and business etiquette within the last 12 months. (Currently working towards her International Business Etiquette Certification) Lisa decided to invest in my Quarterly Branding Sessions as she was working on transitioning her wedding business to a more heavily-focused etiquette business while growing both brands. She wanted to make sure she would have on-brand imagery to be able to relate to her audience throughout the year. We just finished up shooting her content for the last quarter of the year so her stories included etiquette and beautiful tablescapes for these big Holiday events: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Lisa’s shoot took place in a Winter Park local favorite, Clementine Gift Shop, and featured a few of the stunning dresses from The Grove Winter Park!



I followed up with Lisa to acquire feedback on her experience working with me as well as how having these images have helped her business. Enjoy her responses below!



Q: How were you finding images for your business before now? How did that process make you feel?:

A: I pulled images from my various weddings, and a handful of fun and spur-of-the-moment shoots.

Q: Why did you want to have professional images? What kept you from doing it before?:

A: Transitioning the wedding business to a more heavily focused etiquette business while growing both brands was the motivation

Q: How did you find me?:

A: 15 year + personal and professional relationship helped! *wink

Q: What made you decide to hire me specifically?:

A: You need to invest to earn.

Q: What was the experience of working with me like?:

A: Great! I appreciate the more formal approach with pre-planning, photoshoot goals, and post-production



Q: How does having professional images make you feel?:

A: Like I’m in it to win it!

Q: How has having these images made it easier to grow your personal brand and/or your business?: A: These images also helped me to realize that I needed to delegate and hire someone for social media, and having these images for her to pull from has kept the posts consistent and on-brand, and our engagement has increased as has my following.

Q: What would things look like if you hadn’t hired a photographer?:

A: I would be spending more time trying to create imagery and content day-in, and day-out instead of focusing on growing the business.

Q: How do you expect your personal brand and/or business to grow because of these images?:

A: First, I expect it to grow in exactly the way I apply these images to. Nothing will grow if you don’t feed it! Having a great photoshoot is one thing, but there could be false expectations if there is no follow-through and accountability on my part post-production. I have seen a great response rate.

Q: Can you provide quantifiable data on how these images have helped your business grow since using them on a consistent basis?:

A: My insights don’t lie!



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