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I recently had the pleasure of photographing two beautifully designed homes by Mindy Day Designs who is located in Winter Park. Mindy Day is a Florida-based interior designer who is ready to transform any space to give it life and personality. Mindy’s designs include vibrant & bold colors, fun patterns, and mixed metals. Her style is truly one of a kind and I admire her work tremendously!

Our first photoshoot took place in Mindy’s own home. I was blown away by the way she was able to blend so many colors, patterns, and textures together and make each room tell its own story. We also had a super cute visitor model in some of our photos, adding the perfect touch!



The second shoot took place at one of her client’s homes in Winter Park. Mindy had a challenge when it came to the Kitchen of this home as it included emerald green high lacquered cabinets and images always resulted with reflections. I had to come up with a way to minimize as much window light in the room as possible which is something that I rarely do, but these cabinets only needed the kitchen lighting to show their true beauty. I used black foil and fitted it into the windows to slowly eliminate the reflections.

MDI-Chelton-Circle-10 (2).jpg




The two homes are so different but each included vibrant colors, multiple patterns, and various textures to bring it all together perfectly!

Enjoy all of the beauty!






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