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One of the perks of being a branding photographer is getting the opportunity to work with many different types of entrepreneurs. I get to work on the “fun stuff” with them and that is through finding creative ways to grow their brand and social media following with custom, high quality imagery. We do this by strategizing what stories they want to share with their audience and I photograph it in a way that allows them to tell these stories visually on their Instagram and websites. Ashley is the owner and creative mastermind behind Equestrienne Decor and The Grey Horse Candle Company, two extremely successful decor brands inspired from the equestrian lifestyle. Ashley’s passion for “everything equestrian” has been the driving force behind both brands to where she’s successfully grown them each with their own distinct aesthetic and large social media following. Oh and did I mention these were both started only two years ago? Let me add raising three boys on top of that and she’s pretty much made herself a unicorn! (No pun intended.)

So when it came time to think of mompreneurs who are killing it, Ashley was at the top of my list. Her success with building and balancing not just one, but two brands is an anomaly in itself. I just love how sophisticated and stylish each company is represented, she’s truly created a strong aesthetic to where the brands can easily blend together or stand equally apart on their own. Something extremely hard to accomplish. Ashley and I originally connected through instagram and we quickly learned that our kids were not only at the same school, but in the same class! Such a small world!

I hope you enjoy my interview with Ashley to hear more about her passion of everything equestrian, how she enjoys being a mom, and her advice on keeping sane throughout it all. Be sure to give her a follow on both Equestrienne Decor and Grey Horse Candle Co. as she’s always posting great giveaways and visually pleasing content. (Shameless plug ‘wink!’)

All of these interviews on the Mompreneur have truly been so enjoyable to read and I myself have been able apply all of this awesome knowledge and know-how to my own life. Wishing ALL the moms, working or stay at home, a very Happy Mother’s Day!


Abby (AB): What is the name of your company and how long have you been in business? 

Ashley (AS): Equestrienne Decor & Grey Horse Candle Company. Since 2018

AB: How would you describe your brand’s aesthetic?

AS: “Curated Style for Self, Space & Stable”… Equestrienne Decor represents a lifestyle influenced by all things Equestrian, and a belief that personal style can be easily enriched with design elements that are approachable, elegant, and luxurious.

AB: What made you go into business for yourself?

AS: I wanted to blend my passion for design and horses.



AB: Were you already a mom at the time and how old are your children? 

AS: Yes! I have three boys, Layton is 12, Jude is 9, and Quinn is 5.

AB: What’s something most people don’t know (or don’t think about) that’s unique to being a mom and your own boss?

AS: Being your own boss allows you the freedom to schedule your day around commitments with your child.




AB: What has been a motivation for you throughout this recent pandemic crisis?

AS: My businesses have been a great escape. I have been able to devote more time than ever into growing them and making new connections with people I would have otherwise not met in the old “norm”. We have participated in some wonderful inaugural Virtual Trade Shows and Giveaways!

AB: What or where do you draw inspiration from in your business?

AS: My passion and complete love and respect for horses inspire me everyday. I can’t get enough of them and the Equestrian lifestyle.

AB: In your business, do you desire to leave a legacy to your children? If so, what does that look like?

AS: That’s really something I have never thought about – Would probably be a different story if I had girls! 🙂



AB: What would you tell other mothers wanting to start their own company that you wish you would have known?

AS: Find your niche and passion and stay true to it.

AB: What advice would you give to mompreneuers who feel overwhelmed?

AS: Don’t feel like you have to say yes to everyone and everything.

AB: We all know achieving “balance” doesn’t really exist. What are some practical tips that help you get through your day, week, month?

AS: I am huge on making lists – If it’s not written down somewhere, I will surely forget! Also, be sure to carve out time every day, or at least every week for yourself. For me, it’s my Wednesday morning Dressage lesson. No matter how busy I am, I never ever miss this morning that I look forward to all week. It charges my batteries and gives me so much energy!



AB: What’s one thing that you’re able to teach your children that is a direct correlation from being a mompreneur?

AS: To have your career follow your passion, never settle.

AB: What’s your idea of the best Mother’s Day?

AS: An ideal Mother’s Day for me would be going somewhere on our boat with my boys and our dogs. We love to listen to music, fish, and eat some good food!

AB: Lastly, what are you currently reading / listening to?

AS: I’m currently reading Where the Bluegrass Grows by Laurie Berglie, a fellow Maryland Girl! 
I adore listening to Equestrian or True Crime podcasts, or any Chris Stapleton station!




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