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All of us on our last day - Montauk, NY

All of us on our last day – Montauk, NY

Sometimes a girls trip is just the thing we need to break away from our day-to-day responsibilities and to hit the re-start button. Every woman and mother needs it! So this Spring, in honor of our birthdays, my Sister Amy and I decided to do just that. The next question was, where to? After toying over the usual Miami, Vegas, and NYC options, we decided on the quaint, beautiful, and elite area of Long Island called The Hamptons. Some of you ladies know it best from watching The Barefoot Contessa and The Real Housewives of New York. (I’m a Bethany and Dorinda fan myself.) It began with just two of us, then grew to three ladies, then 5, then 8…Note to self: When asking a bunch of moms if they’d like to enjoy a getaway in The Hamptons without kids, expect that ALL of them will find a way come hell or high water. This being the new head count, our obvious option was to do an Airbnb. And so the the search began. It didn’t take long to find the perfect home for our weekend. After scrolling through stunning cottages with beautiful light and decor , I came across a house that was titled “Designer Hamptons Cottage” that immediately caught my eye. Christopher, the home owner (and also amazing interior designer), described his home in such an inviting way, it made me feel like it was the house for us.

Cozy, chic, and refined are just a few of my words to describe the feeling when we walked in the home for the first time. The faint woodsy smell from the wood-burning fireplaces gave the home life, while historic oil paintings and old photographs of past generations hung throughout the home, telling a story of the Hampton’s lifestyle and essence it embodied. Of where the upper class, gentiles, presidents, and elite came to relax and unwind.



As an interior photographer, I so appreciated how effortless, yet thoughtful Christopher designed each element of the home. I could tell the spaces where he paid attention to, which were most of them. Never leaving a wall or ceiling without paneling, thoughtfully using spaces to their fullest potential without compromising design, and giving a twist of whimsy with vibrantly painted doors with porcelain white handles.

While the weather turned cold and rainy for most of our time, we ended each night chatting around the fireplace, drinking red wine, and laughing for hours. Our choice was the right one as it was the cherry on top of what made for a truly unforgettable vacation in The Hamptons. Thank you Christopher for opening your beautiful home for the selected to fully experience the Hamptons way of life, even if it was just for a few days! Click here for a full listing of this beautiful Airbnb home.


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